1. First of all, requires you to place your Canon Printer on a flat, stable location. Additionally, ensure that it is within your Router’s Signal Range.
  2. Now, unbox the Printer carefully and remove the packaging material.
  3. Next, you should clear the printer from the tapes pasted on all parts without damaging the printer.
  4. Then, set its Paper Tray and load it with specified A4 size plain white sheets.
  5. Thereafter, connect it to a stable Power Source like a Wall Socket using the accompanying Power Cord. Then, switch it On.
  6. After that, turn On the Printer by pressing its Power button located on its top. Consequently, its “Power Lamp” will light up. Hence, ensure that it must be stable.
  7. At the same time, will begin the Printer’s initialization process automatically. You may hear some noise at this point. Hence, wait for the process to finish.
  8. Subsequently, the Printer’s Display Panel will light up and begin the Setup Guide. As such, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the initial setup procedures for For this, carefully select “Display Language”, “Country/ Region”, “Date”, “Time”, and “Access Security Measures (PIN)”.
  9. At last, select “End” to exit the Setup Guide for

How do I install a printer canon?

  • If your computer has not the CD-ROM, then get the setup online.
  • Open your browser and visit the webpage.
  • Here, click on SET UP.
  • Then, submit the name of the printer model.
  • Otherwise, click on the FIRST LETTERS, then enter the first two letters. Now, scroll down the screen, then choose your printer model and click on its model name. Then hit on the SETTING UP XXXX tab, here the XXXX is indicated as your printer model.
  • Choose the location or region of the purchased printer at canon.comijsetup setup .
  • Check whether the operating system is selected on the SELECT DEVICE page or not. 
  • In case if the operating system like windows is not selected, select from the given list.
  • Hit the SETUP button, and it will redirect you to the download page.
  • Click DOWNLOAD and start the canon ijsetup downloading.
  • On the completion, double-tap on the downloaded file and start installation.


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